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Business Acquisition can step you through the hurdles and pitfalls of buying a business – from the correct assessment of the value of the business, potential tax and investment issues and structuring the business for optimum profitability.

What assessments about the target business do you need to make before committing to the initial purchase step? What do you need to consider in terms of due diligence on the company? How do you measure the true value of the business, its products, services and intangible assets?

Our company has the experience at a variety of levels to be able to advise and guide you through the often complex processes and unforeseen problems that inevitably crop up with the purchase, whole or partial, of a business.

In today’s economy the wrong advice, or worse, failing to get advice, can mean the difference between a successful business acquisition and a financial disaster.

Client case example was involved on behalf of a client in negotiations regarding the purchase of the subsidiary of a company from a major listed company.

The listed company rushed proceedings as they just wanted to get rid of this company which was a non-core asset.

The advisers of the target company missed an important capital gains tax issue which turned to its clients advantage saving them approximately $250,000 in tax.


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