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Estate Planning is experienced in advising personal and business clients on the how to structure and manage their estate planning.

We provide advice and assistance on tax planning, wills, trusts

Talk to us about when and how you should go about your Estate Planning, your first steps and the best possible options that are going to suit your particular needs.

Client case example has recently reviewed a number of clients’ estate plans in which the DIY super fund assets were ignored as part of the plan.

The proposed plan did not show that there was a clear understanding that the Will laws and Super laws regarding beneficiary entitlement can result in different outcomes with respect to property settlements (sometimes an aggrieved beneficiary can claim more from the Super Fund than the Will Estate). then arranged for the super trust deeds and wills to be redrafted where necessary by an Expert Estate and Tax planning lawyer they work closely with.

The Result – Happy clients who were adequately protected from unnecessary estate disputes. REMEMBER – the estate finances all legal disputes involving warring beneficiaries.



Financial Planning/Estate Planning/Business succession – Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is your view of the markets?
The company gives its clients regular up to date advice based upon daily independent research. The company reviews other advice from its broker but always interprets it against an independent yardstick.

How can I protect my assets for the family from being destroyed by divisive beneficiary disputes?
The company reviews the clients existing wills and superannuation funds and ensures that there are provisions which clearly offer procedures and structures to ensure that all beneficiaries are treated in an equitable manner.

If the documents are inadequate then the company works closely with an expert tax/estate legal firm to amend the documents (i.e. wills and superannuation fund deeds)to ensure maximum protection from beneficiary disputes.

Are you just going to put me into managed funds and indexed funds?
No, the company’s approach is to also offer investment advice on establishing investment portfolios containing direct investments. It is a registered proper authority holder with a reputable independent dealer group and able to give independent investment advice.

How can I use the new super laws to accelerate the growth of the asset base in my DIY super fund?
The company offers advice regarding how the super fund can borrow to purchase eligible investment assets under strict guidelines determined by the Australian Tax Office – these new laws were passed by the Federal Parliament in September 2007.

What happens if I get sick and am unable to work?
The company assesses the clients’ exposure to this situation as part of its first complimentary interview with the client in the financial planning process.

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