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Superannuation works closely with individual or business clients to optimise superannuation opportunities that are tailored specifically for your needs.

We alway work closely with a proactive professional financial planner  to ensure the client achieves their goals.

Retirees – We work with lawyers in our network to review the superannuation funds and wills to ensure clients are protected from beneficiary estate disputes.We also ensure enduring powers of attorney are in place.

We work closely with financial planners in our network to -

Review and improve the clients’ investment portfolios.

Review super pension strategies to ensure that the optimum pension stream is in place.

Over 50s – Review estate planning .

Ensure maximum super contribution strategies are in place and that transition to retirement pension strategies are being implemented for the benefit of the client.

Review and improve investment portfolios. This may involve the transfer of existing eligible assets from the client to their superannuation funds.

Under 50s – Review and ensure that estate planning and business succession strategies are in place.

Ensure that maximum super contribution strategies are in place including the implementation of borrowing strategies for the client’s super funds acquisition of eligible investment assets.

Establishing savings plans – the Under 50s client may not have access to the large amounts of capital available to clients in their 50s.

New Super Fund Borrowing Rules – Be Aware of the Pitfalls was presented by its client with documents prepared by a financial product provider regarding the proposed purchase of a commercial property by the DIY super fund via partly borrowing the funds.

After a review we advised that the trust structure promoted by the financial adviser would subject the client, upon transfer of the asset from the Trust to the DIY super fund, on full repayment of the borrowing to both stamp duty and capital gains tax. resolved the issue by arranging with a lawyer in our network to establish an appropriate structure together with the proper documentation.


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